Danny Ruchtie

Design and Visual storytelling

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My name is Danny Ruchtie. I'm a photography enthusiast, designer and co-founder at Fur.

My passion for multimedia, design and storytelling started with the first Walt Disney movie I saw at the age of five (Bambi). That movie change my life forever. I knew then and there, that I wanted to be a visual storyteller. I wanted to be a Disney animator.

Unfortunately the animator part didn't happen, but the passion for design, multimedia and storytelling never died.

After high school I followed computer-science classes in college. Hoping to learn to build my own applications. I dropped out after 6 months, being bored at programming business optimization workflows.

A year later I started studying multimedia design and communication. I got my first job as a multimedia designer at a communication agency. Doing lots of video work, got me an other job at an advertising agency. The agency did a lot of video productions for a large Dutch electronics company. A great opportunity to improve my storytelling skills. As project and studio-manager I worked with crazy talented people from whom I learned so much.

Just a year later an other opportunity popped up and I started my own company named Noa Media, which eventually turned in to Fur a web & apps company.